Modeling Industry Gossip

What is going on in the modeling industry this month? So much!!

* Model Heidi Klum had her fourth child and is launching her own clothing line! The name of the line has not been released yet.

* Alina Puscau graced the cover of Playboy.

* My favorite VS supermodel visited Chicago to open a new Victoria’s Secret store on Michigan Avenue. She has also been chosen to wear the Harlequin Fantasy Bra.  This bra is made out of 2,300 diamonds and will be the main feature at this years fashion show.  This bra costs around 3 Million dollars!

* Naomi Campbell is speaking out. She thinks that there are not as many African American or Asian models as there should be. Naomi thinks that there are too many opportunities for blonde, blue eyed models and not enough for non-white models.

* Gisele Bunchen is expecting a daughter in December with her adorable husband Tom Brady. 

* Ralph Lauren released 2 completely photoshopped images making models look incredibly skinny. One of the models says that she was fired for not being able to fit in the clothes anymore. She only weighed 120 pounds.

* Miranda Kerr is creating an organic skin care collection called Kora.

That is a quick break down of the model gossip this month. Make sure you read our blog daily, you never know what we will write about. It could be about model gossip, fashion, beauty secrets, modeling agencies, or events & trade shows that our promotional models are working. Whatever it is I try to make it exciting!

Team Pink Avenue