Only 5 Models Remain…

Last night ANTM wasn’t as full of drama and tension. It seems like for the most part the remaining 6 models got along extremely well. The models left Los Angeles and went to the beautiful state Hawaii!

While in Hawaii the models challenge was to learn how to surf. This was to teach the models about balance and poise.  The photo shoot challenge was a bit difficult. The models had to surf with a male model and get awesome pictures. The photographer for this challenge was Erik Aeder. Erin did so well on this challenge and was the challenge winner which meant that her and 2 of her model friends got to go on a helicopter tour of Hawaii.

Later on in the episode the models got to shoot with Tyra for the 2nd time this season. The models were placed in sugar cane fields and had to portray 2 different races. This was a tough shoot and most of the models struggled. Nicole and Sundai did great and Nicole won the best photo. Every week someone is sent home and this week it was Brittany’s turn which means only 5 models remain. Remember the winner of this season wins a modeling contract with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world. Who will win? My guess is Nicole!

Next week Marissa Miller will teach the models about posing. Make sure you watch next Wednesday, the competition is almost over.

Team Pink Avenue