10 Best Stores For Holiday Dresses

Only 2 more days to Thanksgiving, and then Christmas will come and then New Years Eve. This means that all of our models need to go shopping for new holiday dresses! What stores have the best dresses for the cheapest prices? Pink Avenue Models has shopped around and here are 10 stores that will have the best holiday dresses this season.  Enjoy your shopping adventure!

1. Forever 21! This store has the biggest selection and very affordable prices.

2. Charlotte Russe! This store is very affordable and has locations everywhere.

3. Delias! This store has a younger look to it but has adorable dresses for less than $50.

4. GoJane.com! This website is amazing! Really affordable and super trendy. You can get a dress for less than $20!

5. Wet Seal! Another popular store with locations everywhere.

6. Urban Outfitters! This is a store for a more alternative look. Still cute, classy and sexy!

7. Macy’s! Macy’s has a huge selection and you can always find something on sale.

8. Target! Who doesn’t love target? There are so many great designs at this store. You can easily find a dress for $25.

9. bebe! This is the most expensive store on our list but the dresses are well worth the money.

10. Victoria’s Secret! Not just for underware anymore. They have tons of clothing and gorgeous dresses!

Alright models… are you ready to shop? Remember that these dresses can be worn at some of the events and trade shows that you work as well. Look at a nice dress as a great investment.

Team Pink Avenue