ANTM – 2 Models Remain!

Last night on ANTM…

At the start of the show only 4 models remained, but 2 models were sent home leaving 2 models for the final episode next week! Who will win, Nicole or Laura? Pink Avenue Models thinks that Nicole will win, shes been our pick for a while.

The models learned how to dance Hawaiian with a hint of hip hop. Lets just say some of these models aren’t the best but they tried.  Laura won the challenge and a trip to Maui. The photo shoot this episode turns the models into Hawaiian goddesses. An awesome photo shoot on the rocks surrounded by water. The girls didn’t do as great as expected. Were they nervous?

Erin and Jennifer were sent home. Who will win next week? Make sure you tune in for the final episode when a petite model will finally win this competition. Remember the winner wins a contract with Cover Girl, the cover of Seventeen, and a modeling contract with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world.

Team Pink Avenue