California Trade Shows – December

It’s a cold day in Chicago…only 35 degrees. It’s times like these I wished I lived in California. We do have a lot of models that live in California and work the trade shows out there. Here are some of the trade shows our models will be working next month.

San Diego Convention Center

* American Society For Cell Biology Annual Meeting. December 5-9.

Los Angeles Convention Center

* L.A. Auto Show. December 4-13.

* Pan-Asia Expo. December 19-20

Anaheim Convention Center

* 9th CST Annual Conference. December 14-18

Moscone Center

* American Geophysical Union 2009 Fall Meeting. December 14-18.

As you can see December is not the busiest trade show month. Things slow down this month but don’t worry we will have tons of other events for our models to work!

If you are looking to hire trade show models for your upcoming show please contact us at or call us at 312-993-7991.

Team Pink Avenue