Model Submissions – Please Read

I know that Pink Avenue Models has blogged about this before but it happens to us and other modeling agencies so often that I thought I should blog about it again.

When submitting your information to modeling agencies please do it correctly. Pink Avenue Models requires a head shot, body shot, models favorite picture and a candid photo. This is so we have a variety of pictures to show our clients. Make sure that you head shot shows your face and you should be smiling. The body shot should be up close and show your whole body including your face. Sending a picture of you a mile away isn’t going to work. We ask for your favorite picture so we know that we are sending your best and favorite picture, something you are proud of. The candid picture is so the modeling agency and client can see what you look like without being photo shopped. Models send us pictures of them looking down, or away, or hair covering their faces and there is nothing we can do with those.

When submitting to modeling agencies make sure you send good pictures that show who you are and what you look like. If you send photo shopped pictures that look amazing and go to the event looking nothing like your pictures you may be sent home. Modeling is an industry that hires you based on your looks and personality, remember that when you are working. You are hired to be pretty and fun!

If you need help finding photographers feel free to call Pink Avenue Models for advice, otherwise Model Mayhem is a great way to do TFP.

Team Pink Avenue