Only 2 Weeks Left

Last night was another great episode of ANTM.  Only 5 girls were left at the beginning of the show but by the end only 4 models remain.  This episode had my favorite supermodel, Marissa Miller! She was amazing and taught the girls a lot about posing in a bikini.  Marissa Miller got her start in Italian and American Vogue and she is now a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she’s only 5’8”.

Marissa taught the models how to look hot without being over the top. She taught the models to push out their butt/chest and show their curves.  Models should always pose to the side if they are targeting a female audience and pose to the front if it’s geared towards a male audience.  She says to always stand on your tip toes to make your legs look longer and to always keep moving during the photo shoot. Remember to point your toes and always face the light. The goal is to look recognizable no matter what the theme of the shoot is.

Nicole was the winner of this weeks photo shoot challenge. She wan a $5,000 necklace and more frames on her next photo shoot. The models got to shoot with Russell James in an underwater shoot.  Jennifer had the best picture of the week leaving Erin and Sundai in the bottom 2. Sundai was sent home and the models were very emotional. The remaining girls seem to get a long really well but only 1 model will become America’s Next Top Model. The winner wins a modeling contract with one of the worlds largest modeling agencies, a Covergirl contract and the cover of Seventeen Magazine.

Next week 2 models will be sent home. Who’s going to win this season? My guess is still Nicole!

Team Pink Avenue