Promotional Model Necessities

Are you interested in working in the promotional modeling industry? I have to say it is a fun industry to work in but very competitive. There are so many different jobs in this industry, you can work trade shows, events, liquor promotions, street teams and so much more.  Before getting in this industry you should have professional pictures to send along with a resume. You will also need a few items in your closet, you may already have some. Here is a list of items every promotional model should own.

* Black pants. Make sure they are fitted and professional looking. Do not buy black jeans!

* Black skirt. Not too short, not to long. The best length is mid thigh.

* Black heels. Make sure they are closed toe. This is required for a lot of in tore demos.

* Black knee high boots. These are usually required when working liquor promotions.

* Gym shoes. These are nice to have and usually worn during street team promotions.

* Khaki pants/shorts. Khakis are required usually in the summer for outdoor promotions but can be asked for year round.

* Umbrella. There are promotions that are rain or shine so make sure you have an umbrella.

* Nude bra/underwear. There are some uniforms that are very sheer and that is when these items will be required.

* Conservative/professional clothing. Most trade shows will request the trade show models to dress professional but sexy. Have a few items in your closet in case the client requests this look.

It sounds like a lot of stuff but you never know what the client will request.

Team Pink Avenue