Winter Promotions…Coming Soon

It’s almost December which means Winter is coming very soon. There are going to be a ton of promotions coming up this month, and a lot will be outside. Are you prepared to stand in the cold weather for hours at a time? Here are a few items that all promotional models should have to help keep you warm while working these outdoor events.

1. Gloves. Make sure they are warm but not to bulky. Models need to be able to pass things out easily.

2. Hat/earmuffs. Make sure you keep your ears warm. Get something in black that matches everything.

3. Scarf. This will keep your neck warm and cover some of your face if needed.

4. Hand warmers. These things are amazing and can be put in your gloves, boots, or anywhere else needed. You can find them anywhere, they cost about $1.

5. Boots. Get something that is cute but will keep your feet warm at the same time.

6. Winter jacket. Pea coats are cute but not very warm. Get a thick jacket that is a little longer, make sure it is fitted and cute.

7. Leggings/tights. These are amazing and can be worn under anything.

Chicago and New York are known to have extremely cold weather but the promotions must go on. Make sure you come dressed as warm as possible and ready to work.

Team Pink Avenue