12 Inch Heels? Only In The Modeling Industry…

We have all complained  that we had to wear heels and that our feet hurt. We complain about 3 and 4 inch heels, can you imagine wearing 12 inch heels while walking down the runway? Impossible! Models are taking a stand and telling designers that they will not wear them and that it is a safety issue. The recent Alexander McQueen fashion show caused 3 models to boycott the show because the shoes were a 12 inch platform.

Models are suppose to look tall and are known to wear the craziest outfits while walking in a runway show. 5,6,7, and even 9 inch heels have been worn in fashion shows but 12 inches in unrealistic. Models usually don’t argue with what they are asked to wear but this is a safety issue. Have you seen models fall while walking the catwalk, it’s not pretty.

Next time you are working a trade show or promotion and your feet hurt, realize that your 3 inch heels could be a lot worse.


Team Pink Avenue