What Not To Do In The Modeling Industry

The worst thing a model can do is cancel last minute or not show up at all. Models should never do either of these things. Yes, things come up and people get sick but it’s too common in the modeling industry and hard to believe if it’s true.

Why is canceling last minute or not showing up bad for a model? So many reasons. The main reason would be that the modeling agency that booked you will never book you again. If you chose to do this with many agencies it will be really hard to find any work at all. A modeling agency won’t take the chances on someone that has flaked in the past. The modeling industry is very competitive and you need to have a great reputation and be known as reliable, dependable, and great at what you do. Remember models and staffing agents all know each other. If you don’t want people to say negative things about you make sure you show up to work and do your job well.

Not showing up to an event hurts the model, she won’t make any money. It hurts other models that are scheduled to work, they have to work harder and longer. It hurts the modeling agency because the client is affected and that means the modeling agency is affected too. It also hurts the client, they are paying for models that they selected and it’s not always possible to find replacements. Think about how many people you will let down before you chose to not show up to an event.

FYI- any model that cancels last minute or pulls a no-show will be removed from the Pink Avenue Models database immediately.

Team Pink Avenue