Promotional Model Reminders

January and February are slow months in the promotional world but with February coming to an end and the busy season starting soon I thought I would point out a few reminders to our promotional models. Working in the modeling industry is fun but models have to remember it is a job and needs to be taken seriously. Here are a few things to remember while out working an event.

  1. Show up on time which means 15 minutes early. Come to the event dressed to impress with hair and make up ready. You were hired as a model, models are attractive.
  2. Leave all of your problems at the door. Models are hired based on looks but are expected to have a fun and outgoing personality as well. Never show a negative attitude, the client and consumers will pick up on this fast. Don’t act like a diva either, modeling agencies and clients hate this!
  3. Have the necessary attire. Promotional models/brand ambassadors should all have black pants, black skirt, khaki pants, comfortable heels, gym shoes, and a black dress in their closet. This is the attire that most clients request but may occasionally be different.
  4. Represent the brand. While working for a client you love their product and you have to express that to consumers. This doesn’t mean you say negative things about competitors but it does mean that you have only positive things to say about the client you are representing. Know the product and if you don’t know something don’t make up the answer.
  5. Remember to fill out all of the required paperwork provided by your modeling agency before the event. This will help you get paid on time and makes you look responsible to the agency that hired you.
  6. Have all of the contact information with you. This means the onsite contact and the agency contact.
  7. Have fun! Promotions are meant to be fun, smile, work and make money.

Promotions are going to start to pick up and Pink Avenue Models expects to be extremely busy the rest of the year. We want our models to want to work and we need them to show up, look great, have fun and represent  the brand the best they can. We are looking forward to the rest of 2010!

Team Pink Avenue