All Natural – The New Trend

Supermodel Heidi Klum has joined the other celebrities and posed make up free for this months issue of People. This is starting to be a new trend, Jessica Simpson just posed for the cover of Marie Claire make up free, Brittany Spears released new photos that were not photoshopped, Kim Kardashian released photos that were not retouched and admits that she has cellulite. The new Louis Vuitton campaign features some of our favorite models make up free and it’s refreshing. Obviously these models are gorgeous women with or without make up but it is nice for the world to see that they are not perfect and that is ok. Everyone has things that they would like to change about themselves but when women are surrounded by perfect looking models all the time they lose confidence in themselves and wish they could be like the air brushed celebrity on the cover of their favorite magazine.

Pink Avenue Models asks all models to submit a candid picture because we need to know what you really look like. Anybody can look amazing after being photo shopped. We recommend that our models send us the most natural pictures that you have, the client wants to see a face that resembles their pictures. Natural beauty is a wonderful thing.

Team Pink Avenue