Get Bikini Ready Fast!

The weather is getting warmer in Chicago and everywhere else which means swimsuit season…who’s ready? It was a long winter and I am sure some of our models ate some fattening foods and missed a few work outs. It’s ok, I did some research today and found some easy steps to lose 10 pounds. If our models make these simple changes they should be confident in their bikinis in no time!

  1. Use smaller plates. When you use a big plate you will eat more food that you don’t necessarily need.
  2. Make sure your plate if at least half vegetables or fruit. The remaining part should be a lean protein.
  3. No more soda or sugary drinks. These are full of calories.
  4. Don’t add things on…skip the cheese, mayo, ranch and any other addition.
  5. Plan your meals. Eating on the go or at fast food restaurants is never good.
  6. Add heavier weights to your work out. The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn.
  7. Eat breakfast! This is so important. Try to have a breakfast that is full of fiber.
  8. Eat every 3-4 hours instead of 1-3 meals a day. Eat healthy snacks throughout the day.
  9. Watch your portions. This will help! Overeating is why we gain weight.

Use these easy steps to get beach ready, this warm weather came faster than expected.

Team Pink Avenue