Model Submissions – What To Do And What Not To Do

Pink Avenue Models gets tons of model submissions every day which we love. We are a modeling agency and can’t accept everyone, we look for beautiful, smart, outgoing, experienced models. We get a lot of submissions that are not filled out how we want them. Today I want to make a little list of what to do and what not to do when submitting your profile on our website. Please follow these tips for a better chance of becoming a Pink Avenue Model.


  1. Don’t upload blurry pictures
  2. Don’t upload pictures that don’t show your face. Your face is what sells you in this industry!
  3. Don’t try to submit fast and skip important areas. We are asking for all of your information for a reason, we need it.
  4. Don’t upload 4 of the same picture, we can’t do anything with that.
  5. Don’t send naked pictures, we would never send that to a client.
  6. Don’t put your model name on the form, we need your real name.
  7. Don’t send pictures of yourself with friends in it drunk at a bar.
  8. Don’t send pictures with huge logos on them, we want to show you not the photographers logo.


  1. Do follow the submission page and fill in the required information correctly.
  2. Do upload 4 pictures, 1 head shot, 1 body shot, 1 favorite picture and 1 candid picture.
  3. Do upload a promotional resume with all of your modeling experience, not your career resume of unrelated jobs.
  4. Do tell the truth, I need your real height and weight, your real address and information.
  5. Do send your best and most recent pictures. Pictures from 4 years ago will not work.

This is the modeling industry and we are picky about what models we work with. We want reliable models that take their work seriously. Please take the time to submit your online profile and do it correctly. We are always looking for female and male models to work promotions, trade shows, street teams, print, and anything else that comes our way.

Team Pink Avenue