The Double Standard Has Invaded Our Industry

More drama in the modeling industry! I am actually a little annoyed about this one. We live in an unfair world already, the whole double standard thing that is not fair for women… women get paid less,  women do the same thing as guys but when they do it they get negative feedback, we all know what I’m talking about.  This time the issue is plus size model vs model and it’s unfair.

There is a Lane Bryant commercial that some stations won’t play because they say that it is too revealing. Have we not all seen the Victoria’s Secret commercials that are the exact same thing only with smaller models? Some stations said they couldn’t air the commercials because the cleavage was excessive, it was to risque and racy. Lane Bryant is upset because Victoria’s Secret ads are being aired in time slots that they were denied.

Most women would love to see the Lane Bryant ads, they can relate to them and feel good about themselves. It is so annoying for full figured women to always have to see ads of models that are a size 0-2, it’s unrealistic. The average woman in America is a size 12-14 so why can’t they show that on TV? Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

Team Pink Avenue