Read Your Model Contract!

Whether you are working a trade show, promotion, liquor promotion, working as a brand ambassador or part of a street team you were probably asked to sign an independent contractor agreement. This agreement can be anywhere from 1-30 pages long and difficult to read. Please take the time to read all of the paperwork that your modeling agency sends you, it will benefit you in the end.

 Make sure that you know the consequences of being late or backing out last minute. Some agencies will take a percentage off of your check if you are late, some agencies will take a cut of your check as an agency fee, and almost every modeling agency will penalize you for canceling last minute. The cancellation fee can be $50, it can be that you will not be paid at all if you don’t finish all scheduled hours, and it is almost always guaranteed that you will be banned from the modeling agency. Backing out of an event last minute makes the model look unprofessional, upsets the client and puts the modeling agency in a tough situation. This is why the cancellation penalty is so severe.

Another very important piece of the contract is when your check will be sent. Some agencies pay 30 days, some 45, some 60, and some 10 weeks. Make sure you know when to expect your check. Do not ask when your check will be sent unless it is after the date stated on your model contract.

Make sure you sign and date all of the necessary pages and know what you are getting yourself into. Most contracts will ask for an emergency contact. Have someone that is in the same city as you and put the best number to reach the person. Obviously we don’t expect to ever use this number but we have to have it in case of an accident.

The most important thing on our model contract are our expectations and event details. The event details section will have everything you need to know about your event, time, dates, location, attire, pay rate, contact person. Our expectation section has a list of what we expect from you when you are representing Pink Avenue Models and our clients. Please follow these rules at any of your events.

We pick our models based on experience, personality, looks and so much more. Pink Avenue Models gets submissions every day and not everyone gets added to our team.  Please do not accept a job if you have any intentions of not finishing it. We take our industry very seriously and have fun at the same time, we expect the same from our models.

Team Pink Avenue