The Truth About Heels

Heels are painful, any female will admit that but we can not live without them. In the modeling industry heels are a must and they range from 3-12 inches. Models are required to wear heels at trade shows, during liquor promotions, while doing photoshoots, walking the runway,while working promotions and events, and pretty much any other time they leave the house.  I found an article that explains why your whole body hurts after wearing heels for an 8 hour shift and the damage that they can cause.

* Heels change your posture. We are made to stand straight up, when wearing heels our hips and spine are placed out of alignment causing pain because the body curves.

* Heels add pressure, the higher the heel the more pressure that is added.

* Wearing heels so much is bad for your knees as well and can cause osteoarthritis. Heels place force and 26% more pressure on the knees.

* Calf muscles tighten and contract to the angle of the heel. Your calf muscles are always flexing while wearing heels.

* Heels are bad for your toes as well. Narrow shoes can cause bunions, hammer toes, and Morton’s neuroma.

* The achilles tendon is also hurt when wearing heels because it is stretched and shorter than normal.

* Heels can cause a deformity called Haglund’s deformity which is a bone enlargement on the back of the heel. This happens from strappy shoes or heels rubbing on the bone.

* Heels can cause ankle injuries and cause the body to be less balanced.  They can also hurt the ball of the foot because all of the weight is shifted.

Heels look amazing and are a necessity in the modeling industry. Always carry a pair of flats in your purse to change into. These come in handy after a long day of work, crazy night out, or for walking long distance. Take care of your feet and your body!

Team Pink Avenue