Things Modeling Agencies Hate…Do Not Do These 10 Things

The modeling industry is expected to be unique, fun, creative, full of gorgeous people, something that pushes the limits, gets the brand message out there and so much more. It requires fun, beautiful, outgoing, and intelligent models but it also requires a professional attitude. There are so many things that models can do to upset their modeling agency, please do not do these things.

  1. Do not pull a no call no show. If you do this you will never work for our agency again and will be taken off our database.
  2. Cancelling last minute is almost as bad as pulling a no show. Please do not do this unless something really important comes up, it’s hard for us to believe some of the excuses we hear.
  3. Show up on time ready to work. On time in the promotional modeling world means 15 minutes early.
  4. Avoid playing on your phones when working. It’s unprofessional and this isn’t what the client is paying you for.
  5. Never talk negative about the client you are promoting, or their competitors. You always pretend to love the brand you are working for.
  6. Don’t complain while you are working. Yes standing in heels is painful and yes you may be tired but nobody else has to know.
  7. NEVER try and steal the client from the agency. This is against your contract and the clients contract. If you do a great job chances are the client will request you next time. You trying to work directly for the client is unprofessional.
  8. Don’t ignore calls, emails or texts from agencies. This is a red flag. If the agency contacts you should¬†always respond as fast as you can.
  9. Don’t expect to have parking reimbursed, lunches paid for or any other reimbursement. Some clients are nice and offer reimbursement but it’s not guaranteed.
  10. Always remember that you are hired as a model. Promotional models should have hair and make up done no matter what type of event it is… liquor promotions, trade shows, events and promotions all deserve the same amount of getting ready time. Don’t show up with wet or messy hair and no make up, you can be sent home for this.

Please avoid all of these things. Reputation is everything in this industry and you want the best reputation possible.

Team Pink Avenue