Summer Is Here! Promotional Models Are You Ready?

Summer is officially here which means tons of outdoor promotions and street teams. The weather is amazing and some of the outdoor events the models get to work are so fun. There are a few items that all promotional models should have for work this summer. Are you ready for a busy summer season?

  1. Khaki shorts/pants. These are requested by most clients in the summer. Make sure you have both. You can find them cheap at many stores.
  2. White gym shoes. Most brand ambassadors have these for work but if you don’t make sure you get a pair. Clients usually request these for promotions that last all day. Finally we can leave the uncomfortable heels at home!
  3. Black skirt. In the winter we can wear pants but now that the weather is hot most liquor promotions will require you to wear a black skirt.

Remember to keep hydrated and wear sun screen this summer, carry snacks in your purse too. Make sure you take breaks and take care of yourself in the heat. Have fun this summer, it’s the best time to work!

Team Pink Avenue