Pink Avenue Models Expectations!

Pink Avenue Models received hundreds of model submissions every week. Unfortunately we can’t add everyone to the Pink Avenue team. We are always looking for beautiful, intelligent and outgoing models. If you feel you meet our requirements we would love to have you as part of our team! Here are a few things that we expect from all of our models.

  1. We expect our models to show up on time and ready  to work. Dressed and hair and make up ready. On time is always 15 minutes early! Make sure you have the attire needed for the promotion.
  2. Our models are expected to represent the brand they are working for the best they can. This means always remaining positive, happy and relaying the brand message to potential consumers. Promotional models should never have anything negative to say about the brand they are promoting or any of their competitors.
  3. Pink Avenue Models are required to send in their paperwork before the event and any parking receipts immediately after the event. Any model that is booked through us is expected to return any phone calls or emails. We send important information like training documents or product info that you will need for a successful event.
  4. Our models are expected to remain professional but fun at all events at all times. Remember that you are there for work so save the gossiping and problems in your life at home.
  5. Always have fun and smile! You are lucky to have such a fun job so enjoy it.

If you feel you would be a great fit for the Pink Avenue team please submit all of your information on our “Become a Model” page. We look forward to working with you!

Team Pink Avenue