Always Show Up For Your Shift!

The promotional modeling industry can be amazing! Models get to work at new places, with new people, promoting new products and getting free stuff all while having fun and getting paid. This industry is flexible and models book their own schedules and sometimes take it less serious then they should. This is still a job and even a career for some.

The worst thing a model can do in this industry is pull a no call no show. If a model does this they are immediately put on the modeling agency’s black list and will not be asked to work for them again. A model that does this makes the modeling agency look bad, and can possibly ruin the promotion which makes the client upset. Some of these events take months of planning and if the talent isn’t there to help activate the event doesn’t go as planned. We all know that things come up, if you are sick, had an emergency or just don’t feel like working that day you should always let the agency know.

You never want to be on bad terms with anyone in this industry. Reputation is everything so make sure you have a great one!

Team Pink Avenue