Good Work Chicago!!

Thank you to the 8 models that worked our radio promotion last night. Kristy, Amanda, Je Tuan, Erica, Elayne, Nida, Robin, and Alli roamed around Chicago during the biggest game of the season. ( I was cheering for Green Bay) These girls were wearing cute jerseys with the bodog and The Score 670 logos on them, these jerseys said…ask me for my number. That definitely grabbed some attention, not to mention the models arrived in a limo. On the back it had the numbers 67011 on it and the goal was to get as many people to text as possible. The winner of the contest will have dinner at Hub 51 with Matt Spiegel, enjoy a first class flight to NYC, hotel accommodations for 2 nights, tickets to a baseball game and tickets to watch the Chicago Bears take on New York. Sounds amazing right? The winner will be announced today! These girls went to some of the hottest spots in town handing out giveaways and encouraging people to text for their chance to win. Lets just say the event was a success!

Thanks Girls!

street team

Team Pink Avenue