Bad Boss? Bad Event? Stay Professional!

Promotional modeling is a fun job with tons of perks…models get paid well, have a flexible schedule, get to work exciting events, usually leave with free samples, meet tons of people and have fun while working. Most promotions are a great time with an amazing staff but I’m sure we have all worked an event with a boss that was less than nice. The type of person that is bossy, not fun, watches over you and complains about everything. I can relate and have been in this situation. This can take the fun out of the event and makes you not want to work. Promotions are meant to be fun and when the person in charge isn’t having fun it’s hard for the staff to have fun and be energized.

So what should you do if this happens? You definitely have the right to call the modeling agency that hired you and  tell them what is happening on site. It’s nice for the agency to hear your side, any modeling agency should always trust what their models say. If it is so bad that you hate working the event have the agency replace you. If you hate your event it will show to consumers and they don’t deserve that. Do what you can to make the best of it and stay professional. Promotional models know what is expected of them, if you are getting out the brand messages, handing out the samples, have high energy and are smiling than you are doing your job.

Like anything in this world every promotion is not perfect, just do your best! Happy promoting!

Team Pink Avenue