The Pink Avenue Process

The staff at Pink Avenue Models gets calls everyday from interested models. Everyone wants to know our process and how things work. It’s quite simple. Pink  Avenue Models is a Chicago based modeling agency that staffs mostly promotions, trade shows, street teams, and even print ads and some runway shows. We are capable of staffing any type event all over the country.

We accept all of our talent submissions online through our “Become a Model” page.  Interested models are asked basic info and we require a head shot, body shot, favorite picture and candid photo from everyone. Our clients like to see a variety of pictures. Pink Avenue Models is selective, we are interested in having reliable, experienced and professional models on our team. Our models should be outgoing, attractive, fun and have to take their job seriously. Some agencies have databases of 20,000 people and that is something we will never do, with that said we do not accept everyone. We want our models to enjoy their job, show up on time which means 15 minutes early, and represent our clients to the best of their ability. If you feel like you meet these requirements please submit online, we look forward to working with you!

Another common question is…I’m always available to work but the client never chooses me, what can I do differently?  Each client is looking for something different to represent their brand or company. Some clients want blondes, some want tall models, some want bilingual. No model is going to get picked for every event they are available for. This industry is very competitive, and some of the markets are huge meaning we can send 50+ models to a client for approval. Don’t get discouraged, your day will come.

If a model backs out last minute, pulls a no call no show, gets a bad review from a client, walks off or does anything else unacceptable they will possibly be removed from our team. This is an industry full of excuses and each issue will be handled individually. I recommend working for what you signed up for and avoiding a bad reputation.

We are always looking for great talent. Please submit if you have what it takes.

Team Pink Avenue