A Models Question…

We get calls from our models or potential models almost everyday and we love it because we are here to help. Yesterday a model contacted me because she is having problems collecting money from another modeling agency that she worked for almost 9 months ago. This really upsets me because its not fair and there is really nothing you can do in this situation. Her situation was that she agreed to work an event for a set rate, the modeling agency paid her half and said that the client hasn’t paid the full amount so they can not pay her the rest. She asked me if this was right and if there is anything that she could do.

 My first question was what did the contract say, and of course this agency didn’t send her paperwork and there was not a written agreement. Every agency is different but not paying your models is going to ruin your reputation. I told her if this happened to us, a client not paying, we would pay our models regardless. Our agency would lose money but at least our model gets the pay she deserves. Pink Avenue Models has contracts with their models and in those contracts the models have agreed to work for a certain amount of money and we owe it to them. Our models are our first priority along with our agency’s reputation and not paying your talent is the fastest way to go out of business. As of right now she has tried everything, even has a lawyer involved and has had no luck. The most frustrating thing in this industry is fighting for the money that you earned.

 This situation happens way to often in this industry. The best advice I can give to models is to work with agencies that you know and have worked with in the past and if you are working with a new agency do your research. Google is amazing and very helpful but the best way to find out about other companies is through other promotional models. We are all friends in this industry and here to help, if we have had a bad experience we love to share it with other models so it doesn’t happen to them.

Team Pink Avenue