Models – Please Read Before Submitting!

Pink Avenue Models gets tons of model submissions everyday, and as we’ve said before not everyone can be part of the Pink Avenue team. We expect our models to be experienced, fun, outgoing, reliable,¬†smart and beautiful. When submitting your information online make sure you fill in all of the required fields and attach the necessary pictures and a resume. We ask for 1 head shot, 1 body shot, 1 candid photo and your favorite picture. We want a mix of professional pictures and a candid picture so we can see what you look like on a daily basis.

Try not to send us pictures that are extremely photo shopped! We want a head shot of you smiling, a body shot of you preferably fully dressed, nothing less than a bikini, a candid photo of you and only you, and then a picture that you love or are proud of. Please avoid sending candid photos with you and friends in them, we can never send that out. Also, we recommend keeping the lingerie pictures to yourself, we don’t like sending those pictures to our clients it gives them the wrong idea.

If you have not had the chance to get professional photos taken I highly recommend it. You will get more work and will have something to send to modeling agencies. There are tons of photographers that will do TFP and it is the easiest way to start a portfolio.

Good Luck!

Team Pink Avenue