Pictures For Your Portfolio

Pink Avenue Models receives a lot of calls from models with a variety of questions. I get asked about pictures and portfolios a lot. Photo shoots can be hard work but are a lot of fun at the same time. This is a time for models to let loose and be someone they can’t be everyday. It’s about dressing up, wearing fun clothes and crazy make up with wild hair. Having creative photos in your portfolio is great but make sure you have simple, commercial ones as well. Here are a few photos that every portfolio needs and pictures we need to get you booked:

Head shot: This is necessary and an image that we send to all of our clients. This is a close up of your face, they are best if you are smiling but not necessary. A natural look is best.

Body shot: Everyone assumes that this has to be a swimsuit or lingerie shot, we actually prefer a tank top and skinny jeans. We want to see the shape of your body but don’t need to see the whole thing. Please keep your naked pictures to yourself.

Candid: We want a natural picture of you, unprofessional, not edited. This is something you can take by yourself or a picture of you out. Make sure that you are the only one in your picture, we want to see what you really look like.

We recommend that you send your natural pictures to modeling agencies, save your artsy, creative pictures for your online portfolios. Our clients want to see how you will look at their event. Have fun at your photo shoots and send us updated  pictures!

Team Pink Avenue