Promotional Model Necessities

It’s already mid December, where did 2010 go? The team at Pink Avenue Models is looking forward to a busy 2011 and we want to make sure all of our models are ready too. Here is a list of items that all promotional models should have in their closet. Its nice to be prepared for all types of events.

Trade shows: Most clients go for a conservative look. Black dress pants, white button up shirt, black blazer, black dress, pencil skirt, and comfortable black heels are a must for trade show models. Sometimes the clients provide a branded shirt or costume, it depends on the type of trade show.

Liquor promotions: Black mini skirt, black knee high boots and a branded shirt are common for these types of events. Some of the off premise events just request all black.

Street teams: We won’t have many of these in Chicago for a couple months but the warmer cities will have tons. Most street teams require khaki pants/shorts or black pants. Make sure you have a pair of white gym shoes for events like these. The client usually provides a branded shirt and sometimes hats for these events.

Special events: Black dress! Special events usually take place at a nice hotel or fancy restaurant so the models have to look their best. Hair, make up, a classy dress and nice heels are a must.

If you have all of these items you are all set and probably have a lot of experience in the modeling industry. If you are missing any of these items I recommend getting them. It’s always nice to be prepared. Lets finish 2010 and get ready for an amazing 2011!

Team Pink Avenue