FAQ – How Do I Become A Model?

Pink Avenue Models gets calls and emails everyday from people interested in the modeling industry. The most common question is how can I become a model, or how do I get my kid into modeling. Honestly, Pink Avenue Models is a Chicago based modeling agency that staffs events nationwide. Our focus is in promotional modeling with the ability to provide models for print, video work and anything else the client requests. Models interested in runway and being managed should contact other agencies. We would love for you to submit your info to us as well but know that there will be limited work in those areas from our agency.

If you are interested in being a promotional model the best thing to do is get some pictures taken and submit your info to promotional staffing agencies and marketing companies. Send it to as many as possible, the more agencies that have your information means the more work for you. Remember that just because you are available for the event does not mean that you will get booked. This is a competitive industry and you can’t get booked for everything.

In the promotional modeling world we expect the models to have personality and the ability to talk to everyone. Yes we want them to be beautiful and smart as well but we could care less about height and maximum weight of 110. We want fun girls! Submit if you are interested, we look forward to working with you.

Team Pink Avenue