Get Booked, Know The Brand, Turn In Paperwork

Pink Avenue Models gets calls for tons of different events, trade shows, street teams, liquor promotions, print ads, and everything else. Some jobs are booked based on images and some are booked on images, experience and phone interviews. Every client has an image in their mind of what they need for their event, some events are laid back and some are a little more strict. Before you agree to working a promotion make sure you know what you signed up for. Feel free to ask your modeling agency any questions.

For some promotions clients will request a conference call, some ask to hold a training session and some just send talking points to us and we forward them on. The main idea of any promotion is to represent the brand you are promoting the best you can so know what you are promoting. You should have product knowledge and memorize key facts. You should never say anything negative about the brand or any of their competitors. Promotional models should be friendly and honest, if you don’t know an answer don’t make anything up. There is always someone onsite that can answer the tricky questions. Always smile and have fun!

After the event some agencies will require you to send in a time sheet, or receipts. Make sure you know ahead of time if they client is paying for parking. Get your paperwork in asap so it doesn’t interfere with being paid on time.  Keep these things in mind and you should have a successful event.

Team Pink Avenue