Promotional Models List Of What Not To Do

The modeling industry is known to be fun, exciting and unique. The people in this industry should have personality, be laid back and really enjoy their position. There are not many things that can upset us at Pink Avenue Models but there are a couple. Here is a short list of things that models should not do.

  1. Don’t pull a no call no show. Clients specifically choose which models they want to work with. When you don’t show up it ruins what the client has planned, makes you look unprofessional, makes the agency look bad and prevents you from booking future work. This is the worst thing any model can do.
  2. Don’t call last minute saying you can’t make it to work. Please be aware that agents have heard every excuse, anything from you being sick to a death in the family. It’s hard for us to believe anything. If you say you are going to work please keep your commitment.
  3. Don’t call and ask about your check. We pay within 3 weeks usually which is fast in this industry.
  4. Don’t forget to turn in your paperwork. We contract every model and need a W-9 Form from everyone. Checks can not go out without these documents.
  5. Don’t show up in the wrong attire. All the event details are always sent to the staff, please read them.
  6. Don’t show up late. 15 minutes early is on time.
  7. Don’t talk bad about the client, competitor products, the agency you are representing or the other promotional models. Keep all negative comments to yourself.
  8. Don’t ask to take left over product home. If the client offers than you can accept but begging for free stuff is tacky.
  9. Don’t ask the client to pay for lunch or parking. Some clients provide these things and some don’t.
  10. Don’t contact the client after the event. Any questions should be directed to the modeling agency.

Remember those things and your modeling agency will be grateful.

Team Pink Avenue