Pink Avenue Update!

The staff at Pink Avenue Models has been busy! We have had a lot of great events so far in 2011 and have tons coming up. Here is a look at some things that we have been working on.

  1. AHR Expo in Las Vegas.
  2. Promotion for a new energy drink in Chicago.
  3. NYE street team event in Miami.
  4. Sephora street teams in Santa Monica, San Francisco, New York.
  5. Performing Arts Opening Gala in California.
  6. Corporate event in Beverly Hills.
  7. Great Bridal Expo in Ft. Lauderdale.
  8. Male street team event Superbowl weekend in Dallas.
  9. MidWinter Meeting at McCormick Place, Chicago.
  10. 3 month program in Michigan. (in the casting process)

That’s a list of 10 events that have either happened, or are coming up. We are staffing all over the country, it’s exciting!

Team Pink Avenue