Street Teams!

Pink Avenue Models has a lot of street team promotions coming up so we thought we should blog about what a street team is. Street teams are a way to interact with a large portion of our client’s target demographic. While working these events the promotional models will most likely be handing out fliers which isn’t always easy and can be discouraging. It’s hard to get people to stop on the street and talk to you, especially in major cities. Most people will avoid making eye contact and look everywhere else, some will move out of the way and some will say no thanks. The best way to get someones attention is to smile and say good morning, hello or another friendly greeting and usually they will take it. The point of a street team is to create buzz about a product and make everyone curious about what you are doing. Street teams are usually long hours, require a lot of walking and a ton of personality. Make it your goal to interact with everyone and keep it fun. Spring and Summer are full of street teams and we have a couple big ones coming up. Get your gym shoes ready, it’s about to get busy!

Team Pink Avenue