Get Bikini Ready ASAP!

Swimsuit season has finally arrived and most of us are probably not happy with the pounds that we gained during this long winter. Here are a few healthy ways to get into swimsuit shape seeing we will probably be wearing them in 3 weeks, yikes! Promotional models, follow these simple steps and enjoy your summer.

  • Try going gluten free. This will cut our carbs which really works. No bagels, bread, pasta, muffins, cookies or anything along these lines.
  • Cut out cocktails. I know this is hard to do because everyone wants to meet up for happy hour when its warm. Cut out fruit juices, soda, smoothies in a bottle and think water. Water is calorie and fat free and is great for your skin as well.
  • You have to work out! Cardio works best, running, kick boxing, spin classes, jump roping, anything that gets your heart racing. Walking, yoga, and ellipticals work but not as well. Limit your time sitting down, try and stay active!
  • Eat wisely. Fruits and vegetables are the best choice. Stay away from anything with a drive through.
  • Stay confident, it’s the sexiest trait in anyone.

Depriving yourself, or going on a crash diet is not effective. Change a few habits for a few weeks and you will be bikini ready. Cut out carbs, cocktails, add fruits and vegetables and make sure you work out 5 times a week. Look your best at your summer events this summer. See you on the beach!

Team Pink Avenue