How To Look Your Best In The Summer Heat

Summer temperatures have arrived here in Chicago, it was almost 90 degrees today! We love the heat seeing we haven’t felt it for 7 months but it’s hard for our models to look their best when the sun is beating on them all day. Here are a few tips for the promotional models out there, these will help you look your best even when it’s hot and humid.

  • Make sure you wear sunscreen, this will prevent you from burning, being red, peeling and being itchy.
  • Skip liquid foundation, it melts off and turns into a mess. Use a powder form.
  • Use bronzer to give you that summer glow.
  • Remember less is more. Most of your make up will melt off and become messy so use as little as possible. Mascara (waterproof works best), lip gloss and bronzer will give you a natural look.
  • Wear your hair up in a cute, simple style. Styling your hair when its hot and humid is a waste of time. It will fall instantly. If you have to use product don’t go overboard.
  • Carry deodorant with you, nobody wants a stinky model.
  • Sweat can lead to breakouts, prevent this from happening with an acne fighting body wash and using oil free products.

We are so excited for a summer full of fun, promotions, street teams and trade shows and we want our promotional models to look their best. Follow these tips for a natural, quick, flawless look. We will see you in the field!

Team Pink Avenue