California Trade Shows – July

We finally have California temperatures here in Chicago and we love it! California is one of our favorite places to book¬† models and is one of our busiest cities for events. Here is a list of trade shows that will be coming to some of California’s best convention centers.

Los Angeles Convention Center

Anime Expo 2011. July 1-4.

NAACP Annual Convention. July 21-28.

Adultcon. July 29-31.

BrideWorld Expo. July 30-31.

San Diego Convention Center

ESRI. July 11-15.

San Diego Comic Con. July 21-24.

Bridal Bazarr. July 31.

Moscone Center

Semicon West 2011. July 12-14.

2011 Subway Franchise Convention. July 30-31.

Anaheim Convention Center

AM 2. July 1-3.

Moose International 2011 Annual Convention. July 1-5.

Kush Expo. July 8-10.

CCA Global Summer Convention. July 23-30.

Please contact us if you are interested in hiring models for these trade shows or any other event. We can be reached at 312.993.7991 or by email at .

Team Pink Avenue