Get Booked This Summer!

Summer is the busiest season for the promotional modeling industry. There are tons of festivals, parades, street team events, special events, trade shows and product launches happening. This is the time models can work all day everyday and make lots of money. What are the best ways to find work? I have a few tips that I have learned through the years and I’m going to share them with you.

  1. Send your promotional modeling resume and pictures to as many agencies as possible. There are tons of companies out there, the more you are signed up with the more work you will hear about. Make sure you sign up with companies that are in different cities, most staffing agencies staff events nationwide.
  2. Use social networking sites. Facebook is an easy way  to find out about events. Make sure you like us, and all of your other favorite agencies on FB to get daily updates about events in your area.
  3. Use Craigslist, Model Mayhem, Marketing Rockstar or EventSpeak to find work. These are great sites to find events in your area. Be careful when using Craigslist, it is a free site and anyone can post. Try to respond to adds that have the companies name in the post, lots of details and adds that ask for a resume and head shot. Avoid the ones that ask for as many bikini pictures as possible, that’s usually a red flag.
  4. Ask other promotional models what companies they work for, or what programs they are working on. Other models are an awesome source, they can tell you about their experiences with other agencies and promotions.

These 4 tips have helped me in this industry. Take advantage of Summer, it’s the time to work fun events and make a lot of money. See you around!

Team Pink Avenue