Why Do You Need Promotional Models Or Brand Ambassadors??

Everyone has a different idea of what promotional models and brand ambassadors are. My definition of a promotional model is an attractive male or female that is hired to represent a brand at some type of event. The promotional model is required to know basic brand knowledge, attract consumers, tell them about the brand, usually hand them a sample and hope that they love the product so much that they buy it. Promotional models are expected to be attractive, reliable, extremely friendly with the ability to talk to everyone, professional, hard working and always smiling. They are never allowed to talk bad about the product they are promoting or any of their competitors. While a promotional model is representing a brand they become a spokes model for the brand and become the face of the company. They have to represent the brand to the fullest. Promotional models are a huge asset to any event, they add a smiley and friendly person that everyone should enjoy talking to. You will see promotional models at trade shows, special events, product launches, grand openings,  and any other type of event looking for attractive, knowledgeable people.

A brand ambassador has the same type of role, just different venues. Brand ambassadors are usually part of street teams, flash mobs or any type of event requiring a large group to make a huge impact. Brand ambassadors usually get to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and are usually provided a branded t shirt. BA’s usually hand out fliers, or samples and always provide as much knowledge as they can. Again, their goal is to get people interested in a brand and hope that the consumers go out and buy the product. Brand ambassadors and promotional models have the same goal in mind, to increase sales. The only thing that differs is the type of event and location.

Brand ambassadors and promotional models are hired to increase sales, promote something new, generate buzz and grab attention. This industry is amazing and new events and ideas come up daily. If you feel you have the personality and work ethic needed in this industry we would love  to have you. Please submit all of your info on our website, http://www.pinkavenuemodels.com/becomeamodel.php . We look forward to working with you!

Team Pink Avenue