10 Shoes Promotional Models Must Have

It’s a fact, women LOVE shoes and most of us have minimum 20 pairs of heels. In the promotional modeling industry heels are a necessity and we spend long hours in them. Models work trade shows, special events, street teams, walk in runway shows and anything in between. Here is a list of 10 types of shoes ever model should have in their closet, these will cover any type of event you are booked for.

  1. Classic black pump. Business sexy but can be worn at night as well.
  2. Ballet flat. Necessary for between shifts or outdoor promotions.
  3. Pointy pumps. Great for trade shows.
  4. Flat leather sandals. Great for summer promotions.
  5. Suede booties. Great for liquor promotions or trade shows.
  6. Metallic strappy heels. Great for runway shows or wearing fancy dresses.
  7. Converse/Canvas sneakers. Great for long hours.
  8. Wedges. When heels aren’t required but flats aren’t enough.
  9. Black boots. Get them with a small heel, fashionable and great over jeans.
  10. Nude pumps. They go with everything!

Women love shopping and getting these 10 shoes in your closet is a reason to go shop!

Team Pink Avenue