Updated Pictures Needed!

Things are starting to slow down since Winter is approaching which means more free time for the models! Since you won’t be going promotion to promotion the next couple months make some time to update your pictures. The team at Pink Avenue Models receives tons of model submissions every week and we have seen tons of pictures, good and bad. It’s important to keep your photos updated so the clients know what you look like currently, not years ago. Photo shoots are meant to be fun and a time to be creative and use an alter ego but we do want simple pictures, nothing to artsy. When we send a model’s profile to the client for approval we send 3 pictures, a head shot, body shot and a candid photo so keep that in mind when you submit to modeling agencies. The head shot should be close up and the model should be smiling. The body shot does not have to be a bikini or lingerie picture, we prefer jeans a fitted shirt and heels. This will show your body without being too revealing. A candid picture can be you out, or working a promotion. The only request is that you are the only one  in the picture. We understand that pictures are altered, photo shopped and can be changed dramatically, we ask that you send us pictures with minimal editing. Have fun at photo shoots, it’s your one chance to wear things that you can’t always get away with wearing. Not to mention you get to wear different make up and have great hair, it’s a day to dress up and have fun.  We can’t wait to see your new pictures!

Team Pink Avenue