5 Things Promotional Models Should Do This Month

Since it’s Winter and things tend to be a little slower during this season we thought we would make a small list of things for you to catch up on this season.

  1. Update your pictures! We want to show our clients recent pictures of our models so take some time out and set up a photo shoot.
  2. Update your resume. It’s nice for modeling agencies to know your experience. We know its hard to update it after every event but try and keep it as current as possible.
  3. Buy those items you’re missing. Make sure that you have everything¬† you could need for a promotion. Khaki pants/shorts, black dress, black closed toe heels, gym shoes, black pants, a blazer for trade shows. Every event requires different attire but these items are frequently requested.
  4. Add yourself to more agency databases. The more companies that have your information, the more opportunities you will receive.
  5. Take time to update your profiles on any modeling website or agency page. Update your pictures, resumes, stats, age, address or anything else that may have changed.

These things should keep you a little busier this season. It’s best to keep things current, it will guarantee you more work and shows that you care about the industry you work in. Don’t forget to send us your new info, pictures or resumes!

Team Pink Avenue