Quick Holiday Hair Styles For Models

Just days away from Christmas and still tons of holiday parties to attend! Models always try and look their best but with them being so busy sometimes they just don’t have the time. Here are a few hair ideas that any promotional model should try. These looks are easy, simple, classy and look amazing. Try these hairstyles at your holiday events or even the next trade show or event you work.

  1. French twist. Super easy, always sexy.
  2. Fishtail braid. Put it to the side and make it messy.
  3. Ponytail. Always simple.
  4. Big curls. Use hot rollers, they last the longest.
  5. Bun. Wear it with a shiny headband to make it more dressed up, keep it a little messy.
  6. Bangs. If you have bangs show them. Totally in right now.
  7. Side ponytail. Curl it or leave it straight.
  8. Half back.
  9. Braids. Small ones, wrap them into a bun or blend them with a side pony.
  10. Waves. Waves are always in, use big velcro rollers for this look.

These styles are all simple and look amazing! Remember to use a small amount of product because natural always looks best. Happy Holidays!

Team Pink Avenue