Virtual Models? Yes, It’s Happening!

I’m sure that you have heard of the new thing computerized models, right? It’s all I have heard about¬† the last 24 hours, it was on tv, the radio, and there are tons of online articles about it. H&M has admitted to using “completely virtual” models for their new lingerie ads. A lot of the wardrobe for H&M is being shot on mannequins and are then fixed with photo editing software after. They do use real models faces and then just place them on to the mannequins body during the editing process where they are humanized. Even the faces are edited, skin tones are changed, freckles are added, and other changes can also be made. The point of this article is to prove that the models you see in ads are altered and that nobody is perfect, photo editing changes everything. Do you think what H&M is doing is wrong?

Team Pink Avenue