Model Tip – Anti Aging Secrets

When you hear the word model you may think tall, skinny, gorgeous, rich and that they never eat. This is obviously the stereotype, and people may not know that there are tons of other types of modeling. Pink Avenue Models is a modeling agency that staffs mostly events with occasional print work, runway shows, or video work. We book trade shows, street teams, promotions and special events all over the country. Our clients all have one thing in common, they love the natural and youthful look.  I found an article with awesome anti aging tips and of course wanted to share it with all of our promotional models. Here are a few things that you can do to keep the youthful look that everyone likes.

  1. Where sunscreen everyday. This means in the Winter, Summer, rain or shine. Get a face lotion that has it in it, so easy.
  2. Don’t smoke! Smoking breaks down the collagen and elastin in your face which causes wrinkles.
  3. Use a retinoid.  This will prevent wrinkles from forming and minimize the appearance of fine lines that have already formed.
  4. Stay hydrated. This means tons of water, not soda, juice or coffee.
  5. Sleep. This gives the skin a rest and prevents puffy skin around the eyes.
  6. Maintain a healthy weight. Gaining and losing weight isn’t good for your skin, skin loses elasticity over time.
  7. Eat right. The nutrients in the food you eat can affect your skin. Alcohol and refined sugar are things to stay away from.
  8. Exercise. Blood flow increases a healthy, glowing look.
  9. Don’t stress. Stress cause your cells to age faster.
  10. Don’t pick at blemishes. This means pimples, scratches or any other inperfections. It scares the skin and as we get older it takes longer to heal.

Everyone ages differently, a lot of it has to deal with your lifestyle. Follow these 10 tips and prevent aging.

Team Pink Avenue