Models! Are You Ready For Spring Fashion??

I know it’s not even mid January but the team at Pink Avenue Models is always planning ahead. Not to mention it is 55 degrees in Chicago so obviously we are thinking about Spring because that is what it feels like. I decided to do some research today and see what the models will be wearing on the runway next season. We are excited to know what Spring fashion will be like and here is a sneak preview.

  1. Lots of bold, solid color.
  2. Bold prints. Floral prints, geometrical shapes, bigger the better.
  3. Orange and tangerine.
  4. Pink shorts/blazers. Pick your shade.
  5. Camo. Not your average green and brown though, pastels and camo will be paired together this season.
  6. Metallics. Keep it minimal and wear it in accessories and shoes.

All Winter we stick to neutral colors so knowing Spring is ahead is very exciting! This Spring the fashion forecast is bright with lots of prints and a hint of metallic. Just a couple months left of cold and snow and then on to flowers, warmer weather and lots of color.

Team Pink Avenue