New Make Up Tips For 2012!

It’s a new year, we all made resolutions and most of them probably have¬† to do with looking and feeling better. Promotional models wear different looks depending if they are working a trade show, street team, special event, photo shoot or any other type of promotion. Here are a few make up tips to try this year, all very simple any model should be able to do it alone.

  1. Red lips. If you wear a lot of color on your lips keep the rest of your face natural.
  2. Pink cheeks. Very natural looking and easy to do.
  3. Bronze/metallic eye shadow. Sexy and less dramatic then the smokey eye.
  4. Glossy lips. This will always be in, nothing better then shiny lips.
  5. Bronzer. Go 1 shade darker for a natural sun kissed look.
  6. Fake eyelashes. These can be easy to apply but leave an amazing effect.
  7. Single line. They recommend just lining the top lid with eyeliner, again very simple and natural.

All promotions require a different look but you can never go wrong with the natural look, people love natural beauty. Mascara, and lip gloss are a models best friend.

Team Pink Avenue