Promotional Models Top 5 Ways To Book Work

The awesome thing about the promotional modeling industry is that everyday is different and you can work with numerous companies. Promotional models work various hours, represent numerous brands, are always at different locations and meeting new people. We get a lot of potential models asking how to get in the industry and how to get work, and there are numerous ways. This industry is so flexible and different than other jobs so you have to be cautious. Here are our top 5 recommendations on how to find work.

  1. Send your promotional resume and pictures to as many modeling and staffing agencies. Try marketing companies too, some do their own staffing. The more agencies that have your information, the more job notifications you will receive.
  2. Check online websites. Model Mayhem has a lot of modeling related jobs and it seems safe.
  3. Marketing Rockstar is a great website along with Event Speak.
  4. “Like” all of the companies Facebook pages, they post a lot of jobs on there. Make sure you join promotional modeling groups too. They are full of people just like you that can offer advice and post jobs.
  5. Craigslist is a great site and you usually work directly through the client. Just be careful when sending information to a free website like Craigslist, anyone can post there.

When sending your information to agencies or online job posts please send recent pictures and an up to date resume, there is nothing worse then getting pictures from 6 years ago. Submit to as many jobs as possible and don’t get frustrated if you aren’t picked for every job. Good luck models!

Team Pink Avenue