Beauty Mistakes To Avoid!

I just read an article from Allure that I found pretty fitting for this industry. Most of our clients want to hire female promotional models to work their trade shows, street teams, liquor promotions or special events. The girls are hired to promote, demonstrate and educate consumers on a specific brand and a lot of times the target demographic is mostly male. This article lists all of the beauty mistakes that guys think women make. When going to your next event keep these things in mind and try to avoid them since they are looked at in a negative way from the male audience.

Here are the complaints from a survey of guys:

  1. Too much perfume. No more then 3 sprays.
  2. Foundation. Guys hate that this rubs off on your clothes, his clothes, and that it looks obvious. If you have to use it use a lightweight version.
  3. Overdone eyelashes. Too much mascara or obvious fake lashes are a turn off.
  4. Dry skin. There is a lot of hand shaking, and posing with your arms around people in this industry. Keep your skin soft.
  5. Not so white teeth. There is so much smiling in this industry, make sure you take care of your pretty smile.
  6. Orange skin. If you’re going to fake a tan keep it natural.
  7. Too much product in your hair. There is nothing worse then stiff, untouchable hair.
  8. Dark eyeshadow. The smoky eye can be sexy if done right, too much looks scary and high maintenance.
  9. Bright lipstick. Keep it natural.
  10. Hair accessories. Guys do not  like extensions, feathers, or anything else in your hair.
  11. Dark, neon, or printed nails. Keep it light, natural and simple.

I have said it a million times… natural is always best. Too much make up, intense hair all comes off as over done and high maintenance. Keep it clean and simple and show your natural beauty.

Team Pink Avenue