Eat These Items And Still Lose Weight

We all want that perfect body but lets be honest, working out, dieting, and eating healthy is not that fun. We want the easiest ways to stay in shape, and that is what we have found. Summer is coming soon and that means smaller clothes, bikinis and all eyes on you. The team at Pink Avenue Models found an article today that will help all of our models get bikini ready. Here is a list of foods that help burn fat. Enjoy!

  1. Chicken breast. It’s full of protein which will keep you fuller longer and helps maintain muscle mass.
  2. Greek yogurt. This has more protein then regular yogurt, protein is necessary for weight loss.
  3. Green tea. This contains nutrients that will speed up your metabolism.
  4. Eggs. Another protein packed food.
  5. Cold water. Drinking cold water expends energy which burns calories.
  6. Chili pepper. Add this to anything for the spicy, fat burning affect.

Here are a couple things that can be part of a daily diet that taste amazing but burn fat. Eat up!

Team Pink Avenue